Hi guys,

today I’m showing a super easy recipe for a healthy breakfast smoothie.

I like to drink this smoothie before I go running in the morning because it’s very light and not too heavy on the stomach.

I hope you enjoy it. Give it a thumbs up and subcribe if you want to see more.

xo yazzz

First marathon

I will participate at the RUN and ROCK marathon in the Nordsternpark in Gelsenkirchen, Germany ( My Hubby and I started our Ā running passion here and it is my hubby’sĀ favourite park in Gelsenkirchen).
Obviously Iā€™m excited!Ā I registered for the 5 k.
It sounds short, but my goal is ā€œ5 k under 30 minā€³ which can be quiet good -depending on the time.
I also gotĀ the official Tshirt they sell for the participants, because I want to start collecting Ā these kind of Tshirts from all future marathons Iā€™m going to run.
Yeeeaaah! !!

Rock and Run

P.S.: I will post my running programme and some more details on my training soon!