First marathon

I will participate at the RUN and ROCK marathon in the Nordsternpark in Gelsenkirchen, Germany ( My Hubby and I started our Ā running passion here and it is my hubby’sĀ favourite park in Gelsenkirchen).
Obviously Iā€™m excited!Ā I registered for the 5 k.
It sounds short, but my goal is ā€œ5 k under 30 minā€³ which can be quiet good -depending on the time.
I also gotĀ the official Tshirt they sell for the participants, because I want to start collecting Ā these kind of Tshirts from all future marathons Iā€™m going to run.
Yeeeaaah! !!

Rock and Run

P.S.: I will post my running programme and some more details on my training soon!

First Video

Hi guys,

I would like to introduce to you my first YouTube video! I really wanted to do this for years now, but I was afraid because of a lot of reasons. I was afraid of what people on YouTube are going to say

Fear is evil. It hinders you from realising your dream and follow your dreams.

So shake off your fears and live your dreams!!